Sunday, 12 January 2014


Just a quick post today. PC James Patrick is a brave man. He is risking his job and pension, and believe me - the senior management of the Metropolitan Police Service absolutely cannot bear criticism.

It will be interesting whether in the end he keeps his job/pension, or perhaps the Met will settle out of court? And if this ends in his favour, will the floodgates open? Will officers like myself then be able to reveal our identities and start exposing the disgraceful and dim-witted management? I hope so. Goodness know, the whole edifice of Met senior management needs prying open. In fact the whole culture within the UK police - attitudes of the bosses towards the officers, and towards the public - needs transforming into something decent and humane.

One more thing - I have noticed that wherever the newspapers discuss PC Patrick recently, they seem compelled after his name to add '...currently under disciplinary proceedings..' as if to imply he might be under-performing/dishonest/negligent. However as far as I know he is only on a disciplinary because he's had the guts to speak out, and the organisation simply cannot have that. The papers seem to be using him to attack the Met, but simultaneously they seek to undermine him . Why are these papers always so filled with hate? But that's another question - one I don't wish to go into today.

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